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The Future of Building Materials

After years of development, Hardie Boys is proud to announce the release of it’s new Builder Dashboard with downloadable files, that was created for millwork-rich Coastal, Caribbean and British West Indies homes. Our intention is to provide the resources necessary to educate both the builder and the homeowner, on the immediate and long term value of Hardie Boys products. It’s also a portal to the most elegant and refined interpretations of these millwork styles that anyone in the industry has produced.

Hardie Boys Builder Dashboard

Why Register?

Practical Tool

We’ve integrated our product and installation specifications, and design consultation service into one accessible, easy-to-navigate online dashboard. As a contractor, you can now rely on one resource for educational materials and sales tools that specify the value in Hardie Boys products.

Full Access

Full library access to our product & installation specifications.
Product samples. We’ll send you a .75″ x 6” x 10” piece of PVC trim, so you can see first hand the unique premium PVC materials we use for exterior trim elements on upscale custom homes. (if a specific profile or sample is needed, they are available for a small extra charge)

Upcoming Features

The Hardie Boys Builder Dashboard will be a continuing, growing platform with regular additions of new feature sets; updated files with expanded designs; and much more!

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